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Survey Registration

The Maryland Department of Health is conducting this survey to learn about high schoolers and their health behaviors. Your participation is important. Sharing your experiences will help identify emerging issues so that Maryland can plan and evaluate programs to support the health of young people like yourself. 

Your participation in this survey is voluntary, and you may withdraw at any time without any consequences. Participating in this survey does not affect your grades in school. The questions that ask about your background will be used only to describe the types of students completing this survey. The information will not be used to find out your name. No names will ever be reported. Your survey responses are confidential and anonymous as they will be grouped with other responses.  

After completing the survey, you will receive a $10 gift card as a token of appreciation for your participation, and it will be sent to the email provided. Only the first 1,000 respondents will qualify to receive a gift card.


A participant must first register by providing the answers to the questions below to determine eligibility to take the survey. To be eligible, you need to meet two main criteria: 

  1. Age: You should be between 14 and 19 years old.

  2. Residence: You should currently reside in the state of Maryland.

If you have questions about this study or the procedures, please contact For questions about your rights as a research participant, please contact Gay Hutchen via email at

Thank you for your participation and contribution to this important public health endeavor.

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I, the undersigned, hereby provide my consent for participation in the 2023 Maryland Youth Pandemic Behavior Survey (YPBS-23) that covers the 2023-2024 school year. Please select the appropriate option below:

Consent Selection
Parent/Guardian Consent Selection: Less than 18

By providing consent, you confirm that you have read and understood the nature and purpose of the YPBS survey. You also agree to the terms outlined in the survey, including the protection of your data and confidentiality.

Registration Questions

1. How old are you?
2. What is your sex?
3. In what grade are you?
4. Are you Hispanic or Latino?
5. What is your race? (Select one or more responses)
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